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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

“Save Clover Valley” Eyes Tax Increases

The fight over Clover Valley in Rocklin is heating up as proponents consider creating a local ballot measure to finance the purchase of the valley. The cost of purchasing Clover Valley from its current owner is estimated at $90 million. Local environmentalists have formed a foundation called the Clover Valley Foundation which has received grant funding from the liberal Rose Foundation of San Francisco, to “support protection and preservation of Clover Valley from urban sprawl and development pressure.”

Currently, The Clover Valley Foundation is trying to influence the Environmental Impact Report on a project to build houses in the valley. If the foundation can negatively influence the report they may try to force the City of Rocklin to limit or veto the project. For the City, this can place them in a difficult position.
"My personal position is I'd be just as happy if (Clover Valley) is preserved.
But, the city doesn't have money to buy it. I don't foresee the city getting
money to buy it," Rocklin Mayor Peter Hill said. "We can't just say no. There's
a law regarding 'takings.' If we were to deny the developer of this agreement we
would be forced to buy the land from them at market value. We can't afford to do
that." (link)

While the City doesn’t have the money to buy it, people interested in “saving” Clover Valley are not above raising your property taxes to collect the $90 million.
Doug Brewer, a five year Rocklin resident and biologist said he would "love
nothing more than to save Clover Valley as open space. …It all comes down
to money. I'd love to float a bond measure and see if people would pay $100
extra in taxes [to purchase the Valley]” (link)

If the foundation can find a generous benefactor with deep pockets to buy the valley I don’t have a problem. However, I think most folks in Rocklin and Loomis will have big problem if we are forced to pay for the purchase of this valley. If these people want to “save” Clover Valley they need to find someone to buy it… not increase taxes.


  • Of course they want to raise your taxes. In their minds, it is humanity has too far encroached upon the wilderness and we are the single most dangerous threat to the environment in existence.

    If environmentalists had their way, humans would still be living in caves. They oppose new homes, they oppose new roads, and they even oppose active fire-preventino measures to protect our forests.

    Their position is that the environment should remain a wilderness, free of human touch...

    ...of course this approach did wonders in San Diego and Los Angeles two years ago, when their forests burned down.

    By Blogger Chris Mays, at 5/03/2005 5:00 PM  

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    By Blogger MA, at 5/04/2005 10:44 AM  

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    By Blogger MA, at 5/04/2005 12:37 PM  

  • It wouldn't suprise me either if there were wackos trucking artifacts into the site, too...

    Clover Valley would be a beautiful venue to build some nice custom homes.

    It could be a mini Granite Bay!

    By Blogger Roseville Conservative, at 5/04/2005 5:33 PM  

  • If the new development comes, with so many homes around, the value of homes in Rocklin will reduce. With the increased traffic and noise, Whitney Oaks will no longer be a serene place and its value also will reduce. "Rocklin becoming like a Granite Bay" would be a mere dream!!!

    By Blogger PodFrogs, at 3/07/2006 2:54 PM  

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