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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rockholm to Run for Supervisor

The announcement that we've have been waiting for.

Rocky Rockholm, Mayor Pro-Tem of Roseville, announced this weekend his intentions to run for the Placer County Board of Supervisors. Rockholm will be running for District 1, which includes West Roseville.

This is an exciting announcement that many Placer County insiders have been waiting for. The only other candidate in the race thus far is Pauline Roccucci, considered by many to be a liberal Republican. Rocky is a former police officer and small business owner. He lived in District 1 for many years until redistricting in the 2002 election re-drew him into District 4. Rocky is, however, returning to the District that he lived in for many years.

Rocky is a stand-up guy and a good strong conservative. He has served as Mayor of Roseville and, having garnished the largest number of votes in the 2004 City Council election, will serve as Mayor once more in 2006.

At our meeting this Wednesday I am going to ask that the Placer County Young Republicans endorse Rocky for Supervisor. It's the duty of conservatives in this county to support principled conservatives for public office that will fight to uphold what the Republican Party stands for.

Rocky Rockholm is that man.

On a side note, Rocky has already received several key endorsements for this election - Rep. John T. Doolittle, Assemblyman Roger Niello, and outgoing Supervisor Bill Santucci (who represented District 1 for many years and served on the Roseville City Council before that).

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See you Wednesday!


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