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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Transportation woes lead to possible local ballot initative

Last week's article in the various placer county newspapers highlighted potential solutions for a lack of funding in local transportation.

The Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) is investigating various options for attaining the funds necessary to contruct the Placer Parkway, a stretch of highway that would connect highways 65 and 99 north of Roseville.

The agency is looking at two solutions. The first is to vette a ballot initiative authorizing a 0.25% sales tax increase (from 7.25% to 7.50%) within the county. Such an initiative would require a 2/3s supermajority approval by the voters of Placer County. Be on the lookout for such an initiative.

The second solution is to make Placer Parkway a toll road; meaning you pay $.50 or $1.00 (the price has not been determined) each time you use the road.

Toll roads have been used succesfully through the United States and should be seriously considered as the most viable option in play. As a conservative, I am loathe to support any tax increase at any level, even if the funds go directly to my local community. The simple fact is that we in California are already over-taxed, and get far fewer benefits than we pay for. County officials should work with the legislature and the Department of Transportation in shoring up the funds that Placer County's taxpayers are already paying for through the gasoline tax we pay at the pump. This, coupled with a pay-per-use toll, could provide necessary revenue streams not only for construction of the Placer Parkway, but for ongoing maintenance costs.


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