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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fed’s Stop Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses

“Congress this week will adopt a measure denying driver's licenses to illegal immigrants…” – LA Daily News

California has been fighting the battle over illegal alien drivers’ licenses for years and finally it has taken the Federal Governments intervention to bring an end to this debate.

Many people will remember that in 2003, Then Governor Gray Davis signed into law SB 60 (Cedillo – D) allowing illegal aliens California Drivers Licenses. Due to the Recall and the firestorm that swept the state the people were able to have that legislation overturned. That process, however, has not stopped Senator Cedillo and California Democrats form continuing to propose laws which would allow illegal aliens’ access to California Licenses. This year Senator Cedillo has proposed SB 60 and has the complete support of the Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez. Despite being vetoed numerous times this legislation continues to be introduced every year.

Our nation has taken a positive step forward in protecting its citizens from terrorists and identity theft by creating this federal law. Under the new law states will be required to verify that the person applying for a license is who they claim to be and is a citizen of the United States or are legal residents of the country.


  • Illegal Aliens.....Phil Cedillo...

    If that " person " who pretends to be a legislator, who pretends to be a politician FOR the people of California, who pretends to be a US Citizen, continues with this crap of " GIVING " Illegal aliens drivers licenses and special laws?

    I'd say:

    Sen Cedillo??
    You need to be censored
    You need to be removed from office
    and perhaps, you need to be stripped of your citizenship

    And if this hopefully happens in no particular order, I'd be just as happy.

    100 - 0 vote in the Senate for passage?? Is that true??

    Wow, amazing how 500+ People from California, a few talk radio hosts, hundreds more people from around the nation, went to Washington DC to instill change.

    Can you believe that?? The nerve of this nations citizenry, asking the Senate and Congress to uphold laws and to make laws to deal with this national problem!

    ( snickering at the so called, night-talker haters and nay-sayers )

    By Blogger LNaranjoiv, at 5/11/2005 11:05 AM  

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