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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

California Democrats call for Higher Taxes

“State Senate leader Don Perata asserted Tuesday that Senate Democrats will seek higher taxes if necessary to boost school spending…” – Sac Bee

According to the proposed state budget California will spend $10,084 per student in the fiscal year 2005-06. This represents an increase in spending of $221 per student from the 2004-05 budget. Spending on K-12 schooling for the first time has reached the $50 billon dollar mark, and that is not enough for state democrats.

Senator Perata has proposed that California increase income taxes and create new taxes on services such as healthcare and merchants. Additionally, his proposal would lower proposition 13 requirements for raising local taxes. Thus, local cities and counties can increase property taxes without the mandated 2/3’s vote of the people. All of these tax increases will be introduced in order to give an additional $4 billion to schools.

It’s time to do the math on California’s school spending. Let’s assume that every classroom has 25 students. 25 X $10084= $252,100 per classroom in the state. It is obvious that nowhere near this amount every gets to the classroom. California needs to reform the way it funds and operates education.

Sacramento bureaucrats and unions are stealing our money and it’s time to make a change not increase taxes.


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