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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

California Democrats Assault Individual Rights

From SF Chronicle – Senate Panel OKs ID marks on bullets

The Senate Committee on Public Safety passed a measure on partisan lines to place unique markings on every handgun caliber shell casing and bullet sold in California. Additionally, every purchase of handgun ammunition would be registered with the Attorney Generals office. The office would track who bought the rounds, what caliber they purchased, are and how many rounds were bought.

This regulation will cause a massive increase in the cost of handgun ammunition and reduced availability. Ammunition manufactures testified that they would be put into bankruptcy if they had to comply with these regulations. In addition to the cost of serializing each casing and bullet, the company would have to assure that they are properly matched together the right casing and bullet which current technology does not allow.

Senate Democrats effectively are trying to reduce the availability of ammunition to law abiding citizens there by denying them their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


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