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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lockyer to Run for Treasurer, Not Governor

In a surprising twist one of California’s most ambitious democrat’s backs off bid to become the Governor. – LAT

Essentially the article states that Bill sees the writing on the wall and feels he’ll be left our in the cold come the primary or general election. Arnold’s poll numbers, while recently taking a bit of a slump, are still relatively strong. He is still a major celebrity with a lot of cash behind him. Arnold is a major force and the Attorney General does not feel he has the political Capitol to battle Arnold and win.

This raises the stakes dramatically on the treasurer’s race which had been dominated by former GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Simon and to a lesser degree Assemblyman Keith Richman. The other democrats in the race are all relatively unknown democrat legislators with little name ID and fundraising difficulties.

Fed’s Stop Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses

“Congress this week will adopt a measure denying driver's licenses to illegal immigrants…” – LA Daily News

California has been fighting the battle over illegal alien drivers’ licenses for years and finally it has taken the Federal Governments intervention to bring an end to this debate.

Many people will remember that in 2003, Then Governor Gray Davis signed into law SB 60 (Cedillo – D) allowing illegal aliens California Drivers Licenses. Due to the Recall and the firestorm that swept the state the people were able to have that legislation overturned. That process, however, has not stopped Senator Cedillo and California Democrats form continuing to propose laws which would allow illegal aliens’ access to California Licenses. This year Senator Cedillo has proposed SB 60 and has the complete support of the Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez. Despite being vetoed numerous times this legislation continues to be introduced every year.

Our nation has taken a positive step forward in protecting its citizens from terrorists and identity theft by creating this federal law. Under the new law states will be required to verify that the person applying for a license is who they claim to be and is a citizen of the United States or are legal residents of the country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Richard Riordan Resigns as Secretary of Education

Statement by Governor Schwarzenegger Regarding the Resignation of Richard Riordan as Secretary for Education

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today made the following statement regarding the resignation of Secretary for Education Richard Riordan:
"With deep regret I have accepted Richard Riordan's resignation as my Secretary of Education. I am profoundly grateful for his service to California, and for leading my administration's efforts to strengthen our commitment to our public schools and the children they serve.
"With Dick's help, we have been able to increase spending for education, encourage innovation in public schools, push for more local control, guarantee greater equality in school funding, and much more.
"Dick is a dear friend and someone I have always admired for his achievements, his sincerity, and an adventurous spirit that is distinctly Californian.
"Dick has always been very successful, but what is truly amazing about him is that he has always looked at the world around him to see what problems we face, the people who need our help, and what he could do to make a positive contribution. And that is exactly what he has done in so many ways, as Mayor of Los Angeles, with the Riordan Foundation, and through his fantastic programs, including after-school programs, to help children learn the basic skills to do better in school and in life.
"My father-in-law Sargent Shriver taught me that public service is the highest calling. And no one I know is more committed to the power of service than Richard Riordan.
"Dick discussed with me his intention to step down a month ago, but agreed to remain in my cabinet until I could begin a process to find a new Secretary of Education. I am saddened by his departure, but thankful for his tremendous leadership and contributions to the people of California, and Maria and I wish him all the best."
Secretary Riordan will continue to serve as secretary for education through June 30, 2004.

Transportation woes lead to possible local ballot initative

Last week's article in the various placer county newspapers highlighted potential solutions for a lack of funding in local transportation.

The Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) is investigating various options for attaining the funds necessary to contruct the Placer Parkway, a stretch of highway that would connect highways 65 and 99 north of Roseville.

The agency is looking at two solutions. The first is to vette a ballot initiative authorizing a 0.25% sales tax increase (from 7.25% to 7.50%) within the county. Such an initiative would require a 2/3s supermajority approval by the voters of Placer County. Be on the lookout for such an initiative.

The second solution is to make Placer Parkway a toll road; meaning you pay $.50 or $1.00 (the price has not been determined) each time you use the road.

Toll roads have been used succesfully through the United States and should be seriously considered as the most viable option in play. As a conservative, I am loathe to support any tax increase at any level, even if the funds go directly to my local community. The simple fact is that we in California are already over-taxed, and get far fewer benefits than we pay for. County officials should work with the legislature and the Department of Transportation in shoring up the funds that Placer County's taxpayers are already paying for through the gasoline tax we pay at the pump. This, coupled with a pay-per-use toll, could provide necessary revenue streams not only for construction of the Placer Parkway, but for ongoing maintenance costs.

California Democrats call for Higher Taxes

“State Senate leader Don Perata asserted Tuesday that Senate Democrats will seek higher taxes if necessary to boost school spending…” – Sac Bee

According to the proposed state budget California will spend $10,084 per student in the fiscal year 2005-06. This represents an increase in spending of $221 per student from the 2004-05 budget. Spending on K-12 schooling for the first time has reached the $50 billon dollar mark, and that is not enough for state democrats.

Senator Perata has proposed that California increase income taxes and create new taxes on services such as healthcare and merchants. Additionally, his proposal would lower proposition 13 requirements for raising local taxes. Thus, local cities and counties can increase property taxes without the mandated 2/3’s vote of the people. All of these tax increases will be introduced in order to give an additional $4 billion to schools.

It’s time to do the math on California’s school spending. Let’s assume that every classroom has 25 students. 25 X $10084= $252,100 per classroom in the state. It is obvious that nowhere near this amount every gets to the classroom. California needs to reform the way it funds and operates education.

Sacramento bureaucrats and unions are stealing our money and it’s time to make a change not increase taxes.

California Democrats Assault Individual Rights

From SF Chronicle – Senate Panel OKs ID marks on bullets

The Senate Committee on Public Safety passed a measure on partisan lines to place unique markings on every handgun caliber shell casing and bullet sold in California. Additionally, every purchase of handgun ammunition would be registered with the Attorney Generals office. The office would track who bought the rounds, what caliber they purchased, are and how many rounds were bought.

This regulation will cause a massive increase in the cost of handgun ammunition and reduced availability. Ammunition manufactures testified that they would be put into bankruptcy if they had to comply with these regulations. In addition to the cost of serializing each casing and bullet, the company would have to assure that they are properly matched together the right casing and bullet which current technology does not allow.

Senate Democrats effectively are trying to reduce the availability of ammunition to law abiding citizens there by denying them their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Senator Dave Cox Hosts Roseville Identity Theft Prevention Town Hall

Town Hall Meetings – Identity Theft

We will be holding two Town Hall meetings on Identity Theft in the month of May. These free events will give participants the opportunity to learn about the growing crime of Identity Theft and ways that they can protect themselves. Ms. Charlene Zettel, Director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs and Ms. Joann McNabb, Chief of the California Office of Privacy Protection will provide a brief overview of Identity Theft, how these crimes are committed, and provide simple ways that individuals can protect themselves.

Also on hand will be representatives from the California Credit Union League, California Bankers Association, Elk Grove Police Department and the Roseville Police Department to answer questions and to provide individuals with helpful information and tips.Below are the dates, times and locations for these meetings.

For more information please contact Vanessa McCarthy-Olmstead at 916-651-1528.

Elk Grove:

May 3rd, 2005 - 7:00pm to 8:30pmElk Grove City Hall Council Chambers8400 Laguna Palmas WayElk Grove, CA 95758


May 10th, 2005 - 7:00pm to 8:30pmMaidu Community CenterReception Room1550 Maidu DriveRoseville, CA 95661

Prop. 22 Born Again

It seems as if the incessant push to have gay marriage in California will lead to another initiative fight in 2006. The backers of Prop. 22 are talking about putting forth a constitutional amendment to codify the definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Click here for the article in the LA Times.

From the rest of the states, it looks like the constitutional amendment will be passed overwhelmingly, just like Prop. 22. Any guess as to the margin of victory?

Let’s just hope the Democrats just keeping on pushing. This will become a huge rallying point for Republicans and Conservatives.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 4 7pm

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